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Snookers Pool Lounge - Providence, RI July 14, 2014

While out on the town for a girls night, my friend Lauren and I decided to visit this awesome bar to play some pool. We arrived to a parking lot, and roadway, filled with cars. A little curious, since it was a Monday night, we headed in and found out that there were tournaments happening inside. We were informed by a blonde waitress to come back in a few hours, that there may be tables open. 

We came back about two hours later, and to our dismay, there were still no tables open. We were informed thusly by a brunette waitress that the tournament players didn’t normally give up their tables, and that we’d have to wait until about midnight, if we were lucky. 

A little defeated, we climbed into chairs at the end of the bar, and picked up a special menu only found at the bar. Inside, the menu boasted special house drinks, desserts, a kids menu (which is odd to be found on the bar), and various beers. My eye was caught on the $5 special drinks page, and so I ordered the Wild Cherry - a cocktail made with cherry vodka, ginger ale, and grenadine, topped with a cherry. It was made in a regular beer tumbler, so I was pleased at the amount I was getting for the price. I also tried a drink called the Tin Cup - a mix of sweet tea vodka and pink lemonade. I didn’t care for this drink as much; the tea had a stout flavor, and the pink lemonade tasted watered down. After my friend had decided upon a shot of Jose Cuervo and a beautiful martini concoction made specially by the bartender (made with coconut rum, pineapple juice, and grenadine), we ordered boardwalk fries, which were french fries with chili and queso. The fries were good, the queso had definitely been sitting out, and the chili had been re-heated. I asked for ranch on the side, and it helped with the hiding some of the negative flavors of the food.

Overall, the visit was okay. If not for the silly bartender, our night really wouldn’t have been as good. Snookers is good for pool, cheap (sometimes good) drinks, and some good food. I will have to try it one more time to really get the full effect.

Great Wall - Woonsocket, RI 1.3.14

January 3, 2014- While getting the mail a few days ago, I had a menu thrown in with the paper and other items. Decided to give them a try, and here is the review.

I tried calling them at first on the way home from work, no answer, or they’d pick up and hang up. I wasn’t sure if they were open or not from the winter weather, so I stopped by. Sure enough, they were there, just super busy, with only three people working. I still ordered food and patiently waited for it to be ready.

Once the food was ready, about thirty minutes later, I was on my way home to enjoy it. Ordered two orders of chicken wings (because they came four to an order), one order of dumplings, an order of steam broccoli with white rice, and received a free order of pork fried rice for spending over twenty dollars. Turns out, I didn’t get my white rice, and the wings were not four to an order, they were eight to an order, and boy was my man surprised when I came home with sixteen wings! The steamed broccoli was just right, not to hard and not too soft. The dumplings were not what I expected; gyoza style but the shell was super soft and the meat inside was so tasty! The rice was good, vegetable with a clean flavor, no msg or high levels of soy sauce overpowering the rice. The wings were fried to a golden texture, just perfect that the meat isnt drowning in oil and every bite tastes better than the last.

Overall, the food had amazing flavor. if they weren’t so preoccupied, I would have gotten everything I was supposed to have. I would try them again during the springtime, and hopefully they won’t be as busy.

Great Wall is located on Social street, next to the Dunkin Donuts, just past John A Cummings way. 

The battle of the Fast Food Burgers!

Big King vs Big Mac - The battle of the burgers! 
I usually try not to write about chain restaurants, especially fast food. I was dying to try the new Big King, to compare it to the Big Mac, and I am glad to say I have gotten the chance. Here are the results.
In true Burger King fashion, the presentation was severely lacking. The sandwich, as seen above, is wrapped up instead of protected in a box. When I opened the wrapper, there was no surprise. The sandwich had barely any other ingredients other than meat. On that note, the flame broiled flavor is the only thing standing out, even making the king sauce hard to taste. Overall, this was a disappointment.
I am usually not for McDonalds when it comes to anything other than breakfast, but I will vote the Big Mac over the Big King.

I wrote this blog to help round out the year. 2013 has been tough for me in order of posting, but I have gotten a lot together in the past couple of months. I will be able to post once per week, as promised in the about section of this blog. Thank you, for the readers who have stuck with me through the year(s) in writing this blog!

Howling Wolf Taqueria - Salem, MA July 10, 2013

My friend Nicole brought a buddy to visit New England from Atlanta, and he decided he wanted to see Salem. We took a trip to Salem so he could get his history lesson on, and when we were done with our museum trips of the day, we stopped at the Howling Wolf, per recommendation of one of our group. We made our way to the restaurant, and it only gets exciting from there.

Upon entry, we were promptly greeted by a host and brought to a table big enough for our party of five. We were then quickly greeted by our waiter, who took our drink orders and brought some chips and salsa to the table. We gave him our food orders, and proceeded to have some good conversation, while we took in the ambiance, which kept us busy. Let me elaborate.

The restaurant is filled with bright colors, beautiful murals and paintings, done by local artists (and for sale!), all for the looking while you wait. I felt more upbeat and happy, like it was a place I wanted to be in forever. My friends had comments on how small the place was, but I was still in love with the decor and didn’t care about the space (which really wasn’t bad to begin with).

After about ten minutes or so, our food finally came. My friends ordered versions of tacos and enchiladas, filled with steak and more premium meats. I chose a chicken burrito, without the tortilla, and boy was I surprised! It was like a mountain of food: lettuce, grilled chicken, corn salsa, cheese, and black beans. There was more than enough to feed the entire table! I ended up having two meals out of it completely, where everyone else’s meals were only one serving.

I highly recommend the burrito, tortilla or bare. The alcohol is strong, the food good, and the place clean and exciting! 

Howling Wolf Taqueria is located at 76 Lafayette St in Salem.  

Buffalo Wild Wings - Brockton, MA June 14, 2013

This trip happened because I hadn’t seen my friend Mark in a while. We both wanted to go to different places, and finally he suggested we try this chain out. I was excited because I didn’t even know it existed in the area, so I was down to try it.

We made our way there, and upon entry, noticed how busy it was. Thankfully, there was no line, so we were seated immediately out on their outdoor patio. Although the restaurant is in a plaza, it is far enough away from the parking lot that it does not seem weird.

We sat and read over the menu, but we knew we wanted to try the wings, their namesake food. We looked over their menu, and although they had other tasty sounding dishes, we ended up picking two types of wings: a spicy garlic and a honey barbecue. It was tough for us to pick which flavors we want, since there are over twenty types of sauces or seasonings to choose from. We kept trying to ask our waitress questions, and although it was not loud in there, she was having a horrible time hearing us; we were having to yell what we wanted. We ended up adding their house made chips to our meal, which were more like potato wedges. We ordered six of each wing, which were plenty. They have a breakdown of how many you could order for a specific price, ranging from ordering just a few to roughly twenty or more. 

While we were waiting for our food, one of the “Captains” of the restaurant grabbed a mic an started stating that they will take money off of your bill if you have a sticker under the wing bucket on your table. There were a few winners, but unfortunately, we were not one. Just a little bit later, that same captain came out to the patio with some wings, the mic, a timer, and a siren, for a spicy wings challenge. The young man who opted to take the challenge had to eat a dozen wings in about six minutes, and it drew a crowd. 

After all the excitement, our wings finally arrived! We had a nice spread in front of us of wings and chips, and we were ready to dig in!

The wings were bone in, and delicious. The garlic wings, top right, had a little of a buffalo taste, which I don’t care for, so my friend ate more of those. The barbecue were amazing, and as you can see from the picture, they are all white meat. The chips came to a lot in the bucket, with ranch on the side for dipping.

Overall, the visit was a huge success. My friend and I were entertained, left full, and the bill wasn’t bad at all for the amount of food we ordered. BWW is a good time for anyone looking to watch a game and eat some good food and have some fun.

Buffalo Wild Wings is located at the Westgate Mall in Brockton, MA, right off of Rt. 24.

Savini’s Restaurant - 6.15.13

June 15, 2013 - I woke up on the morning of Fathers day at my boyfriend’s house. He is a father, so he wanted to go somewhere for breakfast, and I know his first thought is Ihop. I had to go to work later, and I knew that Ihop would have a huge wait, being fathers day and a Sunday, around noon, after church gets out. We started out of his driveway, and across the street is Savinis, so we decided to give it a try. Big mistake, and here’s why. 

We walked in and waited to be seated for about five minutes. Longer than usual, but we didn’t let it bother us. A waitress finally greeted us, and brought us around a corner and we were sat behind the desert buffet table. There were plenty of open booths near the sunny side of the restaurant, but we were sat in the dark. We were finally greeted by our waitress, who talked to us over the dessert table, and informed us that we could get out food when we wanted. 

The hot food was on one buffet table, and the desserts and fruit were on another. The hot food consisted of the following: scrambled eggs, bacon strips and sausage links, Texas style french toast, tater tots, home fries, and biscuits and gravy. I picked up tater tots, french toast, bacon, and biscuits and gravy. Here’s where the next problem arises. 

The food all tasted like it came out of a freezer. You could tell most of it was because it was all uniform in shape and size. The ladle for the gravy was inside the container, so it was hot to the touch. The only thing I really enjoyed was the biscuit and gravy, and the french toast wasn’t bad. We were brought out complimentary juice, which we had no choice over and were brought orange juice in a four ounce glass. The waitress never came back to the table, except to take my boyfriend’s plate, and leave his silverware on the table, not on a napkin, which was on the other side of his plate. I went after and paroused the dessert table, and noticed it was the same story. There was a bowl of fruit that was definitely fruit cocktail from a can in an over-sized bowl. They had danish cubes that were cut from danishes from a bakery.

While we were sitting at the table, we looked around on the floor to notice that our floor was the only one with dirt around it. To round off the entire visit, I had to get up and find a waitress to pay for our bad meal. I eventually found one, who was snappy and rude to me when I told her we had had bad service. Our waitress eventually brought our bill to the table, and we paid and left.

My main issues with the visit were that the food was obviously not fresh, the waitress acted like we didn’t exist, and there was barely anyone in the restaurant, so they cannot say it was busy. I have been told to try them out when it is not a Sunday, but after that visit, I don’t plan on ever trying it again.

Savini’s is located on Rathbun Street in Woonsocket, Rhode Island.

Alberto’s Pub & Pizza - June 10, 2013

I am no stranger to Alberto’s Pub & Pizza in Norton; I have visited a few times before and have not-so-great memories of recent visits. This time, however was different. My friend and I stopped by this time for half priced appetizers and half priced pub pizzas at the bar, and I found my new favorite appetizer. I picked up the mini meatball sliders, as my friend chose the barbecue wings and an Irish pub pizza. Here is what my lovely sliders looked like:There are three sliders to an order, one heavy meatball each nestled in a mini bread bowl, swimming in marinara sauce, baked with provolone cheese, and sprinkled cheese on top. They are big for what you expect when you read what it is on the menu, and I ended up bringing one home with me. The wings my friend had were flavorful and juicy, the pub pizza he ordered was tasty, and the service was good. 

I didn’t end up visiting the bathrooms or really checking out the cleanliness of the bar, but I do feel like seeing these is important in knowing how you feel about the cleanliness of the entire restaurant. 

Overall, the visit was much better than the first time. Make sure you check out the store if you’re in the area, just visiting Wheaton College, or seeing a show at the Comcast Center. 

Alberto’s is located on Mansfield Ave in Norton, MA, across the street from Cumberland Farms, and down the street from the Comcast Center. 

November 2, 2012 - McMahons Countryside Grill Rt 123 Norton, MA - Barbeque chicken tenders with two large potato skins, side of ranch and sour cream. Tenders were moist and flavorful, skins were too hot to eat even after sitting and watching the nights entertainment. The location is great, off of 123 down the street from Wheaton College and downtown Attleboro. The food is great, the atmosphere is good, were not too many people there upon the visit. The only complaint I have is our waitress was on top of everything from the beginning, but about the time we were waiting for the bill, we had to wait for what seemed like forever. Thankfully, our friend was playing a show there that night, or we would have been even more upset from having to wait. Overall, a good night and good food. Will be visiting again to try other items on their menu.

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