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Sharx Bar - Cranston, RI 6.8.2011

June 8, 2011- On one of my many Providence visits, I end up seeing multiple television commercials for this place called Sharks. In it it shows people playing pool and large portions of food; at that point I KNEW I had to get to this place and review it. It is located on the busy Atwood Ave (Atwood, not Atwells), but the restaurant looks like it doesn’t belong. Keep reading and I’ll explain why.

Upon entering, it has one of those double sets of doors where you walk through one set and have to open another, not one of the nice ones though, the type you see at cable offices. Once you walk through and lay your eyes on this place, you are taken back. If you’re a sports fan, this is your place to be! It has, at first count, seventeen flat screen tvs, as well as ones at your table that the waitresses can help you with. The bar is large and gorgeous, the floors lined with beautiful tables and black hard wood chairs, the walls with large booths big enough to seat eight. Take a look for yourself:

After we sat ourselves, the waitress came by and asked what we wanted to drink while we looked over the menu. They have a lunch special menu where every item on it is only $5.05 (505 being the address and the name of their special event club, Club 505) and so my partner and I decided to pick from the list. We both got cheeseburgers with our own toppings on them and a side of fries to split. I drank down two waters and he a pepsi while we waited. After around a half an hour wait, the food came by. The waitress stopped by a couple times seeing that the bar was almost empty and there was only one other table filled in the establishment.

The moment we were waiting for had finally arrived, and were we 100% surprised when the food was set in front of us: two LARGE cheeseburgers sat staring back at us awaiting the ride down our stomachs with one LARGE order of french fries to soften the blow!This is my fabulous burger, and although I am not an onion person (and did throw them to the side), this burger was out of this world! The burger patty itself didn’t have much in the way of seasoning; nothing my cheese and barbecue sauce couldn’t fix! I’ll have to admit, I am used to the Allegro sauce filled burgers I usually have at home, but this was the next best thing! Add in the pickles and the lettuce and this baby was dripping with every bite! The BBQ sauce was like a slow river making its way down onto my clean white plate (which reminded me of a 5 star restaurant), and the burger itself was held together perfectly, despite the amount of toppings that were stacked on it.

This concoction belongs to my compadre, a cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato and ketchup, American style. Like I mentioned before, when they were sat down on the table, we were in amazement. I eventually flagged the waitress down and asked if she’s ever had food at another stop I previously visited and she said no, and I informed her that the food was a lot better and that I am a food journalist, and with that I know I scared her. She started explaining herself and the menu but I had already made my judgement on her. 

Our last installment would have been their Ice Cream Cookie dessert, but the only type of cookies they had available were the oatmeal raisin, which I like, but my friend doesn’t. We skipped on dessert and ended up with the check, a small bill for the amount of food we ate and the portions, and happy bellies. 

Overall the experience was great. The waitress, Jennifer, was very friendly and knowledgeable, even though it was her second day on the job. The food was impressive and the decor and space was awesome. We could see this place filling up on any night, and I honestly can’t wait to go back again!

Sharx is located at 505 Atwood Ave in Cranston RI, seconds away from the Atwood/Phenix Ave intersection.

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